Patient Testimonials

Fedasz Dental Clinic

„The level of customer service and personal attention I received was second to none”

My sincere gratitude to the Fedasz Dental Team in particular to Dr. József Németvölgyi. I traveled to Budapest last month to undergo treatment and cannot say enough about the superiour level of treatment I received.

Having received a quote for approx. €2000 to have root canal treatment and a Crown made for one tooth (yes a single tooth), I decided to look outside of Ireland for dental treatment. Following numerous internet searches and extensive research, my mind was quickly made up – The impressive web site and prompt email & phone responses I received from the Fedasz Team were more than enough to sway my decision.

As I was travelling with a friend, I decided not to avail of the offer of free accommodation. Instead, I booked my own accommodation in Budapest and made my own way to the apartment on arrival.

The evening before my first appointment, I received a phonecall from Levente to ensure that I had arrived and make arrangements to be picked up the next day. As arranged, I was picked up at my apartment and driven to the clinic. Following a tour of the lab, treatment rooms and accommodation I met my dentist Dr. József Németvölgyi.
I’ll not bore you with the details, but let it suffice to say that the treatment (and treatment costs) were exactly in line with what had been quoted per email in advance and the quality of service was as good as, or better than, any I have received anywhere else in the world. (Having lived in Germany for almost 7 years and spent 3 years traveling around the world, I have had my fair share of „foreign” dental treatment.)

The level of customer service and personal attention I received was second to none. I simply don’t think I can do it justice it in this mailing, but the following examples may go a little way towards describe it:

As I had an active infection, it was necessary to prescribe a course of antibiotics. Rather than simply hand me a perscription and send me on my merry way, I was driven to the local pharmacy and pretty much „hand -held” all the way. (I somehow can’t imagine my own dentist doing this!!!)

As mentioned earlier, I was travelling with a friend. My dental appointments were arranged to suit my sight-seeing schedule. I even had one appointment at 19:00, so that I could spend the day tramping around the beautiful sights of the city!

Apart from being a very satisfied patient, I am in no way affilliated with the Fedasz Clinic. I would happily recommend this clinic to anyone who is faced with costly dental work here in Ireland and would be happy to answer any specific questions about my experience in person. Please feel free to email me if you would like to arrange this.


„From being collected at the Airport and returned everything was like clockwork”

Just a big thank you for the Team at Fedasz.

From being collected at the Airport and returned everything was like clockwork.

After a panoramic xray and consultation, the work, which ended up as 6 crowns was done professionally and quickly.

I cannot fault the service and would happily recomend them , I even had time to visit the sights of Budapest and pop over to Slovakia

Many thanks again


„I’m happy to recommend Dr. Németvölgyi as the best dentist I’ve been to”

I got back from Hungary a couple of weeks ago. Travelling abroad to have dental work I just couldn’t afford at Irish prices was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I had 4 crowns fitted, one extraction, a filling and a root canal. The quality of the work is extremely high and everything is exactly as it seems on this website.Personally I think travelling abroad for dental treatment will become commonplace in the next few years so a lot of the worries people have will probably fall by the wayside. I chose Fedasz over a couple of others because of the recommendations on this forum, so it’s only fair that I add my voice to this forum. I agree with everything the others have posted so I don’t really want to repeat things endlessly (and I’m a bit lazy so it means less typing). Anyway I was met at the airport by Levente, driven to the accomodation which was very nice, about 30 mins from the city centre which is really nice as I got to see a bit of the countryside as well as Budapest. The countryside is beautiful by the way. All dense forests and rolling hills. Had my first appointment the next day, had a lot of work done that day in the very capable hands of Dr. József Németvölgyi, who is very good at his job. I’ve had a few bad dentists in my time and I’m happy to recommend Dr. Nemetvolgyi as the best dentist I’ve been to. I was able to get my crowns adjusted to exactly how I wanted them as they have their own lab, so as I wanted one of the crowns a little shorter they just took them away and made the alteration. So that’s that. I have nothing to do with Fedasz, I live in Ireland and design posters and stuff for a living, I just thought I’d add my recommendation to the site. If you want to email me with a question or 2 thats okay, but I may be a little slow getting back to you as I included my secondary email which I only check about once a week.

Oh by the way, Budapest is also really worth seeing, fantastic city, really impressive.


„Going to Hungary to the dentist was one of the most sensible decisions I ever made”

It’s now eighteen months since I was at the Fedasz Dental Clinic (see my entry 23/08/2005) and the reason I’m back on the forum is because my partner is having a problem with a tooth and I’m trying to pursuade her to go to Fedasz. (Also I want an excuse to visit Budapest again now that spring is almost on the way).

Another reason for this new entry is that everyone on the forum says what first rate treatment they received at Fedasz (and I absolutely endorse that) and how satisfied they are etc. But new patients who are considering going there will be wondering how patients get on in the long term.

Well, it’ll soon be two years, and my teeth have been 100% trouble free ever since and I know that going to Hungary to the dentist was one of the most sensible decisions I ever made. So, thanks again to everyone at Fedasz Dental.

Michael Woods